Amid all this uncertainty, it's easy to let our emotions get the best of us.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, lock-downs, and recent earthquake in Utah, it feels as if we are living scenes from a drama/disaster movie. Although there is much we cannot control right now, we always have a choice in how we choose to respond.

Feelings, decisions, and our actions all play off of our thoughts. In life, there will always be events and circumstances out of our control. By learning to control our thoughts, our feelings and behavior no longer depend on circumstances but on US! Our thoughts determine and shape our reality more than anything else. What we continually focus on grows. Remember that children will pick up cues from what we say and how we say it. So amid all this uncertainty, let’s focus on the good, the love, and the light.

"We cannot control all that happens to us, but we have absolute control over how we respond to the changes in our lives." -W. Christopher Waddell

I keep thinking of the lyrics to the hymn There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today

"Oh, there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine

When the peaceful happy moments roll.

When Jesus shows his smiling face,

There is sunshine in the soul."

Text: Eliza E. Hewitt

Music: John R. Sweney

There is always something to be grateful for. Look for those little love notes from God. Sit down and write out all of your blessings. You will find that FAITH and GRATITUDE when put into ACTION, will always push FEAR aside.

"Faith is not by chance, but by choice" -Neal A. Anderson

F-E-A-R has two meanings, Face Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise

Let's Rise because when we do we Strengthen not only ourselves but generations

Share Light,

Love Jodi Nicholes

Jodi grew up in a small-town community where life is simple, and the love is big.  As a child vocal prodigy, Jodi's professional music career began at the tender age of ten when she found herself singing and performing for thousands on the stages of Las Vegas, Nevada. In an industry that places value and worth on external validation, Jodi found herself in a state of confusion. This led Jodi on a journey of self-discovery to better understand her divine identity and inherent worth. Jodi has dedicated the past twenty-five years and over twelve thousand hours to learning, researching, implementing, and teaching thousands how to cultivate their divine nature. Jodi believes genuine, long-lasting confidence can only come through living in our true identity. Jodi has a gift for seeing the bigger picture and discovering eternal truths in the seemly ordinary moments of each day. Jodi is an award-winning vocalist, author, and speaker. Jodi's family is her most prized possession. She resides in Lindon, Utah, with her husband and three children. Connect with Jodi at   GODS NOTES OF LOVES @Thewomenwhoshine @jodiLeemusic