How to find Hope?

Elder Renlund gave a beautiful talk this past April in which he said, “The consistency of pleas from prophets to reflect on the goodness of God is striking. Our Heavenly Father wants us to recall His and His Beloved Son’s goodness, not for Their own gratification but for the influence, such remembrance has on us.”

I believe one of the reasons we are to reflect on Their goodness is to bring hope into present circumstances. Look into your past for the ways Christ has shown up in your life. He has always been there whether we noticed or not. Sometimes his role magnificent and breathtaking other times minor and quiet. As you see the pattern of Christ in your life and reflect on all the times, he’s carried you this will bring hope to your current life and present trials. You will have a renewed faith and hope in Christ because of his patterns of the past. Hope is found where faith lives.

Not only can we look back on our lives to find Christ, but the Scriptures are there to do the same. Elder Renlund explains, “that one of the Book of Mormon’s purposes is “to show unto the remnant of the house of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers.” The Scriptures tell stories of God and Christ’s greatness in the lives of others. These anciently recorded experiences are here for us today in the year 2020 to receive strength, comfort, and hope from. We can see from reading the Book of Mormon that this is not the first time in the world that devastating evil, pride, and unrighteousness had taken over His people.

When all is lost and hope is hard to find, hope in Christ remains constant. Elder McCune said, “There may be times that the only hope we have is in Jesus Christ. What a blessing to have that hope and trust in Him. Christ is the one who will always keep His promises. His rest is assured for all who come unto Him.”

Looking Back

In 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was a single mother at the time because my husband had just passed away eight months earlier from a brain tumor. You can imagine my fear and anxiousness going into this disease. The only way I was able to find hope during this time was to look back and see all the ways that the Lord had helped and carried me through my husband’s terminal illness. I reflected on many instances where I knew I have been blessed and although my plan for my husband to survive did not align with God ‘s plan the Lord was there to carry me through. I found myself reflecting on the goodness of God and Christ in my past trials. With faith and reflection, I found my hope. Hope that I would be strengthened during this cancer, hope that I would have the help I needed, hope for a strong mind to make sound decisions, and most of all hope that the Lord would once again stand right beside me. I did not coast through surgeries and cancer treatments. There were plenty of hard days, but I was carried. I can testify that the Lord was there beside me through all the pain, hardship, and difficulty that cancer brings, he was there. He showed up with peace, comfort, and light. I can’t think of a better way to move through hard times than with the Lord by our side and leaning on our hope in him.

I like to think that Hope is always waiting on us. It’s always there for us to come back to. Find your faith in Christ and Hope will be there shining bright.

Article written by:

Valerie Cuevas

At the young age of 12 Valerie faced her first cancer diagnosis and survived. Twenty-five years later she lost her husband to brain cancer. She was left a widow at the age of 36 with 3 young daughters to raise. Eight months after her husband passed away, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through surgeries and treatment while continuing to care for her family. She happily remarried in April of 2018 to a widower with 3 sons, making them the modern-day “Brady Bunch”. As a speaker and writer, she shares openly the challenges and trials that her life has been presented with and how she has triumphed over them with God and Christ.