Of all the times I think back on when faith was hard to have or when faith left me, were times when my life plan was not aligning with God’s plan or a major trial was surrounding me. Those are the times it’s hard to keep the faith.  What steps can one take to gain that faith back when life circumstances have not changed and your soul is wounded? I’d like to share with you what my actions have looked like to try and regain my faith. The steps always look the same whether it be a big faith crisis that lasts for months or just one heavy, heart sorrowing day.


Choose It, Choose Faith

There have been times when I have wrestled with this simple idea for months. I would overcomplicate a principle so simple. I could repent, change my outlook in just seconds and decide at that moment to choose faith, but for some reason, I wouldn’t. The adversary would try to overcomplicate it and distract me. Sometimes I’d feel like I needed to explain myself to God. God didn’t need reasons or excuses, just my broken, changed heart. I just had to decide to choose faith. It has always felt like flipping a switch in my head. A heavy, stubborn switch that turns itself to the off position more than I would like.

Act in Faith-

“The only way faith grows is for an individual to act in faith. . . . For our faith to grow, we must choose faith-building actions, such as praying, studying the scriptures, partaking of the sacrament, keeping the commandments, and serving others.” (Elder Dale G. Renlund) In the beginning, taking these simple actions can be scary. What if I start to pray and I feel nothing? What if I read my scriptures and I don’t get anything out of it? There were times when at the moment I didn’t feel anything, but my efforts would turn into a blessing. Some that were visibly seen and others that were felt in the stillness of my mind. Take the step and just try to see how your life can be different when faith is in action. That first step is always the most difficult.

Look for Their hands in your life-

Intentionally look for God and Christ in your life. It’s going to look different every day and for everyone, but they are showing up for you. Just you watch. The spirit will help you see. The world and adversary will give credit where it’s not due. Everything we are given is from Thee. At times it’s easier to look back at a day, a week or a month and see how He blessed you. Sometimes even years later you see the blessing, but at that current time, you couldn’t. The closed doors suddenly make sense and no longer look closed, but look like a detour to a far better path than we ourselves could have never imagined. Faith isn’t always easy. Most days I have to keep choosing it over and over again. I have found though, as I act more in faith to strengthen it, it comes back a little easier from that foundation from which I built.

Post by: Valerie Cuevas

At the young age of 12 Valerie faced her first cancer diagnosis and survived. Twenty-five years later she lost her husband to brain cancer.  She was left a widow at the age of 36 with 3 young daughters to raise.  Eight months after her husband passed away, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She went through surgeries and treatment while continuing to care for her family.  She happily remarried in April of 2018 to a widower with 3 sons, making them the modern-day “Brady Bunch”.  As a speaker and writer, she shares openly the challenges and trials that her life has been presented with and how she has triumphed over them with God and Christ. @seekinggraceandtruth @_Valeriecuevas